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Nothing communicates more effectively  than video.  Create a video strategy to spread the word about what you do.  

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Web Design


 Develop a social media strategy through: branding and content creation

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Learn to effectively communicate with the various traditional media outlets.  Interview preparation, building a media list, writing a press release.

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HEre's how we can Help:


Triple Bottom Line Media can help get you noticed!

Video production


- Develop professional videos that promote your products and services.

- Create a global following through a professional youtube series.

- Show you everything you need to know to produce high quality videos yourself.


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Social Media Promotion


- Develop a blog and drive people to your website through google.

- Plan, implement, and measure a successful branding campaign across all your social media platforms.

- Create great quality content to engage and grow your audience.



Media Relations


Develop a traditional media communication strategy.

- Build a media target list.

- Write great quality press releases that get published.

- Deliver great media interviews.